SENSO by MiMi collection Shanghai

"The quality of your home affects the quality of your life" says the designer Mgr. Marek Poddaný, the founder and owner of the SENSO DESIGN atelier specializing in interior design.

Marek Poddaný built his own SENSO DESIGN brand upon the belief that the quality of one’s home affects the quality of life in general. He confronts his concept of interior designs with up-to-date trends as well as with traditional artistic movements.

Yet what he sees as an ultimate challenge is meeting the requirements of a demanding clientele from an absolutely different cultural environment, a task which requires the perfect knowledge of the specific cultural group. For years Poddaný has cooperated with Polstri, a traditional family-run furniture company. Their collaboration yielded its result: the Senso sofa. “The sofa was partly inspired by the memories of my grandparents’ comfortable couch on which I frolicked and romped with my friends.

At the same time I considered the comfort of people and their pets that have become an inseparable part of many modern homes. The Senso sofa is meant to provide a variable piece of furniture with simple and clear lines and a playful spirit,” says the designer Marek Poddaný.

The sofa epitomizes coziness, variability and originality and gives each user the opportunity to be creative, be it during the choice of the right upholstery material and pattern or when putting together an ideal sofa shape or size.
Each move with the individual sofa components becomes a new source of inspiration, design and, above all, fun. Senso by Mimi. I have always been fascinated with Asian culture. I love Asian cuisine and the diversity of feelings and colors present in Asia. This is why the Vietnamese designer Mimi and I created a limited collection of sofas inspired by our
feelings and experiences. We carefully selected materials, from which the sofa is made, that meet the strictest quality requirements, and that will be irresistible and pleasant to touch. The result is known as Senso by Mimi.

As day follows night and Jin follows Jang, we present two color variants. The first sofa version features the shade of maturing olives combined with typical ochre and bright turquoise peacocks. This sofa brings harmony and peace to every home.
Its direct opposite is a sofa that evokes passion and fire. Night is falling slowly and its dark side is represented by delicate black velvet with an ornamental floral pattern made in the combination of darksome lilac and bright red. Senso by Mimi is more than comfort. It is an exceptional experience for everyone who sees extraordinariness as part of life.

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